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With the Same Program Coach John Baxter Used During His Coaching Career at Some of the Top Colleges in the US.

Overcoming Organization Challenges:

Disorganization can lead to stress and missed opportunities. Academic Gameplan's Custom GPS Planner streamlines planning and organization, guiding students towards their short and long-term goals with ease.

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With Academic Gameplan, you gain exclusive access to Coach John Baxter's wealth of knowledge. His background in education, personal growth studies, and coaching top athletes has led to a powerful system that now benefits students like yours, giving them a competitive edge in all endeavors.

Vision for Lifelong Success:

True success goes beyond grades. When you empower students to create a personal vision that extends to all aspects of their lives and then help them find their 'why' you'll uncover the motivation needed for success

Are Students Falling Between the Cracks?

Are your students struggling to manage school work alongside sports and other activities? Let Coach Baxter guide them with a structured approach that makes use of all 168 hours in the week, allowing them to excel in both their academics and passions.

Do your students lack direction and motivation, hindering their academic performance? We get it! But everything can change overnight when students discover their vision, align their attitude with their 'why,' and reignite the passion for learning. We've seen failing grades turn into A's and B's!

What if you could bring a plug and play system that's proven to bring good results into the classroom and change the course of your student's live forever? With Academic Gameplan we've seen it happen year after year in school after school!

Executive-Level Coaching Accessible to Everyone!

Altogether, this series of mini-courses Foundation, Fast Start, and Momentum make up what we call AGP 101, which is the entire process that Universities such as USC, Cal, Arizona, Stanford, University of Washington, Tulane and many others have utilized to ensure students are fully prepared to independently achieve immediate and long-term success. 

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"At the beginning of this year we formed an after school class of 25 sophomores who consistently fell below a 2.0 grade point average in their freshman year. The teacher in charge became their academic coach, and those students have, without exception become better students! At the semester, we decided to form a class of freshmen and catch them before they failed 2 semesters. I was honored to be their academic coach!"
"Before AGP my son had no structure and no understanding. He wasn't even close. Now that he has gone through Coach's program, he knows exactly where he is in every class and getting better everyday. He is literally a different kid now!"
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Who Is Coach John Baxter?

Coach John Baxter is a career college football coach with a nationally prominent reputation as both a teacher and coach.

He was named the 2011 National Special Teams Coordinator of the Year while at USC. Along with his coaching duties, he created the highly-successful and nationally-acclaimed program, “Academic Gameplan,” which lead to Pat Haden, USC’s Athletic Director to say “His ability to lead young people to academic and lifelong success in unparalleled in our profession.

Additionally, his program was key in leading the Fresno State Football team from the nation’s worst graduation rate in 1996, to producing 141 Academic All-WAC players and an NCAA APR score nearly 20 percentage points higher than the national average by the time he left.

Currently John is Associate Head Coach/Tight Ends/Special Teams Coordinator at Fresno State and will continue coaching his players through the Academic Gameplan program.

Academic Gameplan Is Comprised of Three Mini-Courses That Can Easily Fit Into Your Schedule

In the Foundation Program Coach leads your student through the process of creating a personal vision that will serve as the roadmap to achieving their highest potential in all areas of life.

In Fast Start, Coach teaches your student to make the most of all 168 available hours each week, using practical tools and techniques to free up their mind for what truly matters.

Covering a wide array of subjects from accessing photographic memory to taking answers instead of taking notes, the Momentum program helps students achieve more with less time and effort than ever before

Kevin Plank

Founder & CEO of Under Armour

"Coach Bax, Thank you for the life skills, and reminding me to never be the Nail!  Be The Hammer!”

Tom Brandstater

Retired NFL Quarterback

"Coach helped [me] develop the skills that are crucial to being productive.  I am very thankful that I was introduced to him my Freshman year in college because his lessons had a huge impact on my success and continues to be an integral piece of my daily life."

Julie Vogt

Parent & Teacher

"Coach’s techniques resonate with the highest achievers who seem to get A’s without ever cracking a book to the students who never seem to be able to get above a C, no matter how long or hard they study…He supports every student in reaching their individual maximum potential."

Academic Gameplan Teaches Skills That Serve You For Life

As our students transition into their professional careers, they see a need for the same proven system that guided them through college. In response, we've introduced the Pro Planner, designed to seamlessly carry them through their 168 hour week with maximum productivity!

Academic Gameplan offers planners that take you from middle school into your career. Click the green button below to choose the right planner for you.

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